Hi there, I´m Gabriela. I’m a mother of 2 cuties, a wife, a teacher, a scrapbooker, and all of those roles live gives you… But above all, I am a person trying to be a better version of myself, so I feel happy with me, and that way I can be a better human being, a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend…

I decided to open this blog to share with everybody my experience in trying to become a healthier person. Ever since I became a mom I´ve been interested in giving my children the best I could…as I imagine every mom would…and what could be more important than having a healthy lifestyle?

Over the years I kind of felt guilty for not sharing my findings, research and tips with my close ones. It was a few years ago when I starting sharing my ideas and tips with family and friends. It started with a meeting in my house, where I gave them an idea of what I was doing and I how I could help them. After that, we open a WhatsApp group, some google docs with recipes, and kept having meetings at my place. But I´ve been getting more questions here and there, so I thought why not share it with everybody? My brother gave me the idea of a blog. Why not? A blog sounded like a good idea, I could answer the questions to everyone, organize recipes, people could see what others wanted to know, add some videos, etc.

Share everything I have learned

So here I am with my new blog. My plan is to give ideas, tips or advice to help everybody to become healthier, I don´t pretend to change people´s lives and habits at once, but to provide with small steps that can make you go in a better direction. Once you start feeling the difference you would want more and more, as it happened to me. You start feeling better, having more energy, losing some weight…and that´s only a few benefits of some changes we can all make in our habits.



Don´t stop until you are proud.
  1. Don´t give up because you made a mistake.

  2. Be a team player, learn and support each other.

  3. Don´t compate to others, compare to yourself and see how much you´ve grown.

  4. Always try to be your better version.

  5. Be kind, kidness wins over everything.